How I got started with audio recording

For 30 yrs. I wrote my dreams down in a journal. And for 30 yrs. I had not made a lot of progress toward understanding the meaning of those dreams. Thousands of dreams were lovingly written in a fantastic library of mystery.

In 2013 I began a collaborative project hosting a radio show. During this time a friend gave me a hand held audio recorder to carry with me so I could record my story ideas as well as full stories for editing. I liked having it, it was easy to use and I never left home without it.

Soon I had the idea to use the recorder to capture the details of my dream recall throughout the day. My initial objective was to preserve any dream recall so I could write it down later, but one morning I woke up with very vivid dream recall and decided to record it right away on the device. And this is when everything changed.

When I listened to the recording of the dream later, I was shocked to discover the clarity in details, that less than 2 hours later I completely forgot. Not only had I forgotten some of the details but I had no recollection of more than half of them. This became one of the greatest joys of my life; to listen to a dream account that I could barely believe was my own.

This excitement was a catalyst to daily routine. But not only that, I began to wake up and record my dreams right after having them, at all hours of the night. It became so routine, I started to record them in my sleep.

With an accurate retelling of my dreams, almost as they occur has provided a rare opportunity to decode them on the spot.

My research is focused on the multitude and the multidimensionality of our consciousness during sleep and dreams, and into waking life after 10 years. Everything I learned will be passed on to you so you can take it further.

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