3 categories to organize your dreams

3 categories of dreaming

It’s common to hear that dreams are “many things”, but that doesn’t really satisfy the question about where dreams come from or what they’re made of, or how we find ourselves in that place. Yet the answer is right there; dreams are many things and in order to sort them out we need to stop lumping our experience into one category by simply saying, “it’s a dream”.

If someone asked you what you did today, you might say you went to the coffee shop. And that would be an experience. You would not say, “I experienced life”. That would be a general description.

If we can determine what type of dream we are having of the “many things” that are available, then we may be able to categorize them, even if loosely, so we can make sense of them. These are the steps towards knowing, or getting an inkling, what our dreams mean.

So, let’s take a look at some possibilities about categorizing dreams.

  1. Energetic Offloading

Our brain and subconscious need to release and clear excess energy from the day. This is an act of deleting input and information that the body does not need to hold on to.

These dreams are little snippets of day-to-day information such as driving your car, a scene of familiar territory such as a street you often stroll, a conversation with a friend or co-worker. They are seemingly insignificant impulses of energy, which is information.

The significance of this is that it’s part of restorative sleep through resetting cells, flushing them out, and updating your Akash.

  • Problem solving recent events

These are dreams that take place not far from your everyday reality. They primarily contain content that is close to everyday experiences, and include situations that are related to people, places, and things.

For example, say you have a desire to be with a person in particular, like a love interest. You may dream of this person crying to give yourself a chance to approach this person, so you may find yourself in a genuine caring state. This may be your opportunity to make a connection.

You may have a dream scenario in which you are doing something with family or a friend, an ex partner, or a child. When you wake up you may be able to say, “yup, that’s how I always behave.” The dream is giving you a chance to problem solve.

  • What the soul needs

Dreaming allows the soul to experience higher learning. The immersion of the ego in the 3rd and 4th dimensional body, simply is not capable of experiencing what the soul needs, there must be, and is, the ability to travel outside of the body. We need to learn from our internal knowing, our teachers and guides. This is where you are most creative. This is the place of lucid dreaming, creative problem solving, and sophisticated drama plays out. This is where other selves are communicating with one another, this is where other life memories come into play. This is where time and space are at your command.

These dreams might be those places that are familiar yet you can’t remember ever being there, you have prophetic dreams that “see the future”, this is where you fly, this is when you have loved ones visit who are no longer physical.

Within these 3 groups you may find it easy to categorize your dreams. As a first step grab your journal and see if you can identify which ones fall into one or more category. Don’t have a dream journal? Find out why you should here.

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