Integrating the Tricorder

Today’s metaphor is the Tricorder. What is the tricorder? The Tricorder was used in the Star Trek series as a multifunction hand held device that scanned the environment while retaining data analysis and then recorded the data.  It’s time people, to implement a new form of the Tricorder and step into our advanced knowledge of dream landscape to observe the environment, make the analysis, and record the data. It’s the future of dreams! Draw one, sculpt one, create one in your imagination or in the astral zone and take it with you into the dreamscape, it’s time now. It’s time for you to step into your own investigation. 

Expanding your awareness of dreams will expand your awareness of reality. Dreams help you, the dreamer, the creator, to broaden the view and live more in alignment with who you are, experience yourself. Whether we’re talking about emotional energy or other dimensions, take stock of what you know to be your own truth. Need I say it again? Dreaming is the experience of who we really are in all dimensions, all available states of consciousness, all probable realities. It is the experience of everything you might be hiding and ignoring in the deepest part of yourself. And when we are aware of our dreams consciously, with a little effort at first, with good intentions to get to know ourselves, and to become stewards of the planet we live with, we can become an advanced civilization and hub of this galaxy. So here is your first trick….build yourself a tricorder.

I’m really excited about the direction humanity is going on our evolutionary path!

Dreams are a phenomenal byproduct of the human physical form. There’s no question that humans are unique. And humans are uniquely created with divine intent; there is no other species quite like us in the entire universe. We have many distinct attributes that make us a fascinating collective that contributes authenticity and uniqueness to the cosmic universe in ways we cannot understand. For example we are infinitely creative, do you know that other races in our galaxy use some of humanities creations? We can personalize the shit out of almost anything. We are also connected directly to the central sun which is unique in that we have a direct link to all the cosmos. We also contain the entire history of our planet from the beginning of multiple timelines in our DNA. What I am saying is that our particular genetic makeup is ours alone. The DNA we hold within us from other races as well as from the specific ambrosia of this planet offer up enhancements that other planets and species do not have. One of those properties is dreaming. But let’s be clear, I am not saying that no hybrid or other human species does not dream, it is the way that we dream that is unique.

So what’s the problem here? Why do we feel helpless and confused when it comes to our own dreams? Have you ever questioned why or that it seems a little strange that we have gotten into a habit of asking other people what our own dreams mean? Or that we simply have no idea what our own existence consists of?

I want to remind you that these times are all new, we’ve never been where we are before. It is up to each one of us to advance to the next stage, to be brave enough, or have courage enough to state to ourselves that we have the knowledge within us. We hold the wisdom of moving into clarity when it comes to the dream state. We know the answers if we just let the information in.

We need to stop getting on a forum and ask, “what does it mean that I went to a coffee shop this morning?” That sounds absurd doesn’t it? Yet so many of you are asking that question about your dreams not recognizing it is you, you in all your own fantastic glory creating and living your own dream landscape.

It’s time for you to step up! It’s time for you to be the first to say, “I know what my dreams are telling me!” “I am open to an expanded version of myself!” It’s time for you to shout, “I believe in possibility!”

So I challenge you to make your own Tricorder. Make it function, imbue it with intention to help you not only record your dream data but make it understandable and applicable. Draw it, paint it, sculpt it, and then put it to work.

Be born!

I almost didn’t want to put a photo here because it should be your own design… rules!