7 Reasons to master your dream recall

“Recording your dreams in any form is an act of self love.”

Reason number one: Dream recall is the single most important tool you have to consciously access vital information that is not readily available to you when you are awake. If we want to investigate and understand who we are, we need open communication to our subconscious. It is necessary for us to practice our recall. And that’s all it takes is practice.

2. When you practice dream recall, you gain discipline, increased knowledge, self-awareness and self-healing. Dreams are an extension of yourself. They are a reliable source of inspiration, wisdom, problem solving, and overall improved psychological health.

3. Consciously acknowledging your dreams through remembering is an act of daily self-reflection. This daily reflection is a form of expressing and confronting your feelings, helping you become a more assertive, confident and stronger person.

4. Dreams are the catalyst. These daily prompts for self reflection guiding you through difficult decisions, relationship issues, health concerns, career questions, and parenting. If you remember your dream experiences, you will begin to discover the sources for your joys and challenges. This discovery is really an effortless process; dreams are intelligence beyond thinking.

5. Dream recall brings you closer to what your dream content is about. This will be a natural process as communication between your waking life/ego and the inner being that is operating through your subconscious. You simultaneously begin to decode your dreams while having more self-awareness. And eventually having more control over your dream outcomes.

6. Dreams are always guiding you towards alignment. When you recall dreams in a disciplined way, nightmares and other sleep issues will begin to subside. The reason is because open communication with your subconscious will reduce the energetic charge that is created when the two worlds, dreaming and waking, are deeply separated. Dreams are you, always in your benefit. Dream recall builds a relationship.

7. The most important reason to practice your dream recall is the act of self love. Through this there is endless potential to express yourself creatively, making your life, and others’, filled with joy.